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‘Change your lifestyle, improve your future.’


Let me help you to stay motivated. Each session will give you more understanding and knowledge about exercise and help you towards a healthier and more active lifestyle. Sessions are available for all ages, levels of fitness and ability.

I believe that with time and commitment if your goals are realistic then together we can achieve them.

One to one personal training sessions

Start your journey with a free, no obligation consultation. This will cover:

*Goal setting

*Measurements record (optional)

*PARQ (Pre activity readiness questionnaire)

*Assessing your current exercise levels and exercise background

*Working out the way forward for you

Session 1 will then go into fitness testing and working out your levels of exertion during different exercises and activities.

I will then provide you with a structured training plan and an outline of the route ahead.

Throughout your journey with me I will offer you support and guidance whenever needed.  We will have contact on a regular basis and you can contact me by email or phone when required.

Group personal training sessions

Group sessions are for a group of people wanting to exercise together, designed for 2- 6

One to one personal training prices:

1 hour session: £35

Block of 5 sessions: £157.50 (10% discount for booking ahead)

Block of 10 sessions: £297.50 (15% discount for booking ahead)

Group personal training prices:

1 hour session: £40 split between 2-6 people

Block of 5 sessions: £180 split between 2-6 people(10% discount for booking ahead)

Block of 10 sessions: £340 split between 2-6 people (15% discount for booking ahead)

people per session. These sessions will be designed to train you all at the same time in a group setup. Each of you will receive advice and tips throughout each session and the session will cater for all of you to achieve a great workout. I will aim to cover all of your needs over each session.

*When taking out block bookings the amount charged will need to be paid up front in full*

Personal Training can be used for a variety of different things. If you’re training towards a specific goal, if you want to add more structure and support to your training or if you want to take your training to the next level then personal training can help. Personal Training will push you to train harder and smarter therefore helping you reach your goals.